1. kaiwasoyokaze:

    Finally, I can take some time to write about the camera that started off my trip (get it? olympus trip. snort snort) into 35mm film.


    This camera holds a emotional attachment, and also a artistic symbol for me. The shape, usage, and ideas that went into this camera is indeed a symbol of…

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    Ready to go out with the Leica M3

    My Leica M3 shots

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    Vintage Leica Advertisement

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  5. Christmas Gift 1953 Ricoflex 8-)

  6. vintagecameraporn:

    Modern Photography Oct. 1954 - Leica M-3 Advertisement

    A Lifetime investment….

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  7. Leica

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  8. martinlux:

    Freiburg - November, 2013

    Sony Alpha7 with Zeiss C Sonnar 50 1.5 ZM

  9. Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks



  10. I just supported Phonebloks on @ThunderclapIt // @davehakkens

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    This 1932 Leica III Hektor was found in a glacier in Austria. It still had film inside. #leica #camera #cameraporn #holyshit #buyglaciersnotmegapixels

    What a cool find!

  12. Weapon of choice for today. Street shooting at Ipoh.

  13. Land Rover, Lone Pines Beach

  14. Penang Camera Museum

  15. Flower, Monkey Beach Penang