1. Traveling back from Punchbowl falls to Christchurch

  2. Beauty!

  3. Going back down

  4. Punchbowl Falls

  5. Punchbowl Falls

  6. Punchbowl Falls in sight

  7. On our way to the waterfalls

  8. Cabin at the base of Punchbowl Falls

  9. Braided river on the way to Punchbowl Falls.

  10. The Panorama master Mal Austin of givenworks.com.au in action with his D800.

  11. First stop on the way to Arthur’s Pass.

  12. istillshootfilm:

    Film Photographer Spotlight: Oleg Oprisco

    Name: Oleg Oprisco
    Age: 25
    Location: St. Petersburg, Russia & Kiev, Ukraine
    Photographing For: 4 years

    Camera: Kiev 6C + Kiev 88 and a set of optics - 90/f2,8 + 180/f2,8 + 300/f4

    Fav film: Kodak Portra

    Oleg on why he shoots film:

    My journey began in Lviv, Ukraine when I was 16 and just started working at a photo lab, where met the film. Like plastic, color and depth, which creates only the film. This is very special choice for me. I see film photography as a game in a casino. You can win big or lose it all. I press the shutter release button and then I have to wait to find out the results when the film is processed. The game doesn’t end there. I spend a really long time waiting. Only after scanning and post processing I can see the end result. It’s a very cool feeling, addictive like a drug.”

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  13. kaiwasoyokaze:

    Finally, I can take some time to write about the camera that started off my trip (get it? olympus trip. snort snort) into 35mm film.


    This camera holds a emotional attachment, and also a artistic symbol for me. The shape, usage, and ideas that went into this camera is indeed a symbol of…

  14. (Source: airows, via ivre-de-vivre)

  15. cloudcuckoo:

    Ready to go out with the Leica M3

    My Leica M3 shots

    (via ivre-de-vivre)